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Aero Rental Services oilfield equipment is among the best in the business. All of our equipment has been purchased new and built by an API certified manufacture. Each piece of equipment is returned to OEM specifications prior to the next rental.

    • Debris Catcher

      Innovative Design

      Debris Catcher | Innovative Design
    • Debris Catcher

      Dual Barrier

      Debris Catcher | Dual Barrier

Aero Rental Services Debris Catcher has the capability of continuous debris removal without shutting down flow back of drilling operations. Capable of capturing frac sand and formation solids, as well as for work-over use to capture drill out solids, such as cement retainer, bridge plug, and cement solids.

Debris & formation solid removal is upstream of expensive and sensitive safety and production measurement equipment. This tool is capable of time identification and measurement of unwanted solids as well as, with manifold use, flow control of the well.

  • Removal and cleanup on horizontal-multilateral completions and work-overs; drill-outs of completion tools (i.e. bridge plugs, selective frac packer systems, etc.).
  • Liquid or solid waste spillage contained in catcher-lifting skid, which is environmentally compliant.
  • Flow design captures debris inside engineered screen (screen flow rate and particle size can be selected via screen size variation to remove all sizes of solids) which allows easy solid break out.
  • Eliminates a drilling blind operation by providing a safe sampling location during continuous operation versus rig tank or test unit.
  • Liquid or solid waste spillage contained in catcher-lifting skid.
Key Specifications
Screen sifting slots are adjustable to any size to catch corresponding solids (mesh covered sand screens also available)
Catcher-lifting skid contains liquid or solid waste
Piping Size and Pressure Rating can be designed to accommodate any piping size and pressure rating
Auxiliary equipment chokes, valves, piping, flanges, unions, pop valves etc. may be ordered and supplied with the debris catcher

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