Aero Rental Services

Your Single Source Equipment Supplier

Aero Rental Services oilfield equipment is among the best in the business. All of our equipment has been purchased new and built by an API certified manufacture. Each piece of equipment is returned to OEM specifications prior to the next rental.

    • Field Supervision

      10,000 PSI Class V BOP Stack

      Field Supervision | Rental 1
    • Field Supervision

      10,000 PSI Class III BOP Stack

      Field Supervision | Rental 2

    The best way to ensure your operation runs as seamlessly as possible is to have one of our experts come out to site and measure up your rig, or wellheads to ensure all the equipment you will need is there and ready for work. This proactive approach will ensure the equipment and personnel you require is thoughtfully planned out and delivered to customers expectations.

    Our team of field technicians have the knowledge and experience to install and operate all of our equipment including Blowout Preventers (BOP’s), accumulators, frac heads, swivels, hydraulic catwalks and hydraulic wrenches.

    Key Specifications
    Personnel Experienced field technicians that know our equipment inside and out, offering 24 hour support.