Aero Rental Services

Your Single Source Equipment Supplier

Aero Rental Services oilfield equipment is among the best in the business. All of our equipment has been purchased new and built by an API certified manufacture. Each piece of equipment is returned to OEM specifications prior to the next rental.

    • Catwalks

      Portable Catwalks with lifting Rams

      Other Equipment | Catwalk
    • Catwalks

      Skidded Catwalks

      Other Equipment | Catwalk Skid
    • Handling Tools

      33mm to 177.9 mm pipe

      Other Equipment | Handling Tools
    • Rod Tongs

      Conventional Pipe Tong

      Other Equipment | Rod Tongs
    • Rod Tongs

      Open Faced Tong

      Other Equipment | Rod Tongs
    • Hurst Jaws of Life

      Hydraulic Pipe/Coil Cutter

      Other Equipment | Hydraulic Pipe/Coil Cutter

    From rig-up to rig-out - and everything in between - Aero Rental Services can provide or find for you the right equipment to suit your needs.

    40’ stationary with load certified pipe racks
    Load Certified Mobile for both tubing & casing
    Pipe Handling Equipment
    Handing tools for 33 mm tubing to 177.9 mm pipe
    Rod tongs for small tubing and casing
    Hurst Jaws of Life
    Hydraulic pip/coil cutter for cutting rod, coiled tubing and pipe (up to 2 7/8")