Aero Rental Services

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Aero Rental Services oilfield equipment is among the best in the business. All of our equipment has been purchased new and built by an API certified manufacture. Each piece of equipment is returned to OEM specifications prior to the next rental.

    • 85 and 120 Ton Swivels

      Swivel Trailer

      Swivel | Swivel Trailer
    • 85 and 120 Ton Swivels

      Electric-Over-Hydraulic Power Swivel

      Swivel | 85 and 120 Ton Electric-Over-Hydraulic Power Swivel
    • 85 and 120 Ton Swivels

      Precise Swivel Head Control

      Swivel | Precise Swivel Head Control
    • 85 and 120 Ton Swivels

      Controls Enhance Safety

      Swivel | Control Enhance Safety

Aero’s 85 ton trailer mounted swivels allow the drill collars and handling tool package to be loaded and secured on the unit itself. This design significantly reduces the trucking cost, as a full size picker/winch truck is not needed to load or unload the swivel and tools.

Aero’s 85 and 120 ton power swivels are safer than most swivels on the market due to their intrinsically safe electric-over-hydraulic controls which allow the operator to have total control over the swivel head. The swivel can easily be stopped at any spot allowing for safer making and breaking of pipe connections. The control panel has a lock out switch to help eliminate accidental operation, and can be rotated from 0 – 150 rpm under full or low torque.

The engine is a VM Detroit that operates at a lower sound decibel, and conforms to EPA emission control systems. To eliminate accidental winch slipping or skipping, the unit has a Bradian winch that is always locked with no dogs to engage.

Key Specifications
Engine New VM Detroit for quiet fuel efficient operation
Winch Bradian, with no dogs to lock
Hydraulic Fluid 22 weight, lighter fluid for fast winter response
Controls Class I electric switches allow for safer, finer control of the swivel head

Click here to view the chart on a comparison of the Aero Electric-Over-Hydraulic Swivel to a Conventional Swivel