Aero Rental Services

Your Single Source Equipment Supplier

Aero Rental Services oilfield equipment is among the best in the business. All of our equipment has been purchased new and built by an API certified manufacture. Each piece of equipment is returned to OEM specifications prior to the next rental.

    • Grease Wagon Unit

      Grease Wagon Interior

      Grease Wagon Unit | Grease Wagon Interior
    • Grease Wagon Unit

      Grease Wagon Side

      Grease Wagon Unit | Grease Wagon Interior

    Aero’s 15,000 psi “Grease Wagon” unit is designed to grease well head valves faster and more efficiently using our high pressure, high rate grease pump and manifold system. Greasing valves on a regular maintenance schedule helps ensure that the valves will operate smoothly for the duration of the job reducing costly down time and expensive valve repairs.

    Aero’s experienced field technicians can help install, operate and maintain frac equipment on your location. Our field technicians have what it takes to get the job done quickly and safely to ensure your operation is running as seamlessly as possible.

    Key Specifications
    High Pressure Rated up to 15,000 psi
    Personnel Experienced field technicians offering 24 hour support
    Trailer Unit Mobile, self-contained grease wagon that can be moved and set up easily
    Grease Manifold Equipped with everything needed to hook up to single valve, multiple valve and multiple frac head set-ups all at the same time